In any trade, waiting increases costs and delays completion. The project manager coordinates the schedules of all trades involved with the furniture. Experienced personnel with industry-specific expertise will provide the proper solutions to the commonly encountered roadblocks. Our proactive approach guides you through obstacles and resolves any conflicts that may arise.

A job packet is created, containing information on the project, furniture manufacturers, delivery, installation and schedule. Accessible to everyone involved with the project, the project manager sees that the information is accurate, updated, and alerts the team to changes.

Throughout the furniture manufacturing process, the project manager monitors the schedule for delays or changes. When the furniture ships, packing lists are verified with the order, assuring the installation team that everything is on the way. The project manager supervises the installation and troubleshoots any on-site problems. Together with the client, they walk the space to prepare a punch list of items needing resolution. The project manager is responsible for all outstanding punch list items, while preparing to close-out the job.

Our certified designers are responsible for programming, space planning, furniture specification, rendering and presentations. The designers work closely with the customer, helping them with their design challenges and guiding them in their fabric, laminate, veneer and all other relevant details needed to create their unique office environment. Your designer can layout the workspace in real-time, utilizing 3D color renderings, allowing you to visualize every element of the project.

We work closely with you, your architect and the design team to create an environment that will be functional while at the same time, reflect the image of your company. Our initial consultation will evaluate your needs and provide you with the best furniture solutions for you. We will help define how the furniture will fit within your space given your specific requirements.

We offer reconfiguration services for moving, expanding offices or downsizing. We can add to your existing furniture, with new or used. We collaborate with you to specify and design a furniture plan that meets your needs, and your budget.

BC Interiors employs and contracts with only the most experienced installation professionals throughout Colorado. Their work ethic, communication, and expertise in office furniture installation are second-to-none. Any installation company we work with is required to sign a performance contract. Some elements of the contract include expectations regarding dress code, crew sizes, communication, organization, cleaning, and product training. This contract ensures there is no grey area as to what we expect from our installers and what they can expect from us. 

At BC Interiors we recognize the importance of our client’s investment in their office furniture and appreciate that the quality in which the product is installed is just as important as the quality manner in which it was manufactured.

Leasing allows you to make payments on a furniture purchase rather than use your precious equity capital. At the end of the lease period you can return the furniture or negotiate a buyout. In many cases the monthly lease payment is deductible (pre-tax) dollar for dollar. Lease payments are considered an operating expense.

Rental has the same benefits as leasing. However, the furniture is simply returned upon expiration of the rental agreement.


BC Interiors, for a period of one year, will warranty service and labor on all new products from the date of purchase. After the one-year warranty, the labor will be invoiced at our normal hourly service rate. All service parts required must fall under the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. If the manufacturer’s warranty on the product has expired, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the parts. As a service to our customer, any work done on a non-warranty product at the above rate will carry a 30-day warranty.