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Install Date: June 2020

A&D Firm: OZ Architecture


  • Benching Workstations
  • Training Room
  • Conference Rooms
  • Collaborative Lounge
  • Cafe

Manufacturers: Haworth, AIS, HON, Allermuir, Kimball, Magnuson, Loftwall, National

Company Background: Vaisala is a Finnish company that develops, manufactures and markets products and services for environmental and industrial measurement.

BCinteriors has a long-standing history with this remarkable company, providing furniture for their various buildings for over a decade. As a testament to their success, Vaisala was able to work with OZ Architecture to design and build their own unique building in Louisville, CO. The new building boasts impressive graphic displays, expansive views of the flatirons, and a collaborative concept throughout. BCinteriors worked closely with the OZ to ensure that each and every furniture piece aligned with the architectural design. There are collaborative lounge areas for small impromptu meetings or medium-sized presentations. The height adjustable benching system maintains a high aesthetic and gives each employee an ergonomic touch-down space. The numerous conference rooms provide a mixture of seating and table options that give the employees a level of variety unmatched in their previous environment. The furniture melds seamlessly with the architecture, creating a truly inspiring workspace.