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City of Boulder – Brenton Building

Install date: March 2018

A&D Firm: Studiotroup Design Collective


  • Paneled workstations and private office furniture on three floors
  • Open collaborative areas with soft seating, occasional and standard tables
  • Breakrooms with standard height tables and chairs
  • Conference rooms with standard and training tables with seating

Manufacturers: HON

Company background: City of Boulder (local government entity)

The City of Boulder modernized their workplace with their new Brenton Building design. There are traditional paneled workstations and private offices throughout the three floors of the building to provide durable, ergonomic workspace for the employees. Intermixed within the workstations and offices are open collaborative areas with soft seating for comfortable conversations and tables to spread out projects or work collaboratively in a meeting setting. There are also breakout areas for employees to relax and refresh mentally throughout the day. Each small meeting space is designed to provide space for both private conversations and small-scale meetings with smaller tables and chairs. The large meeting spaces are designed with flexibility in mind, with training tables mixed with standard tables that can be transformed to suit the needs of the hour.