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casey middle school

Install Date: August 2020
A&D Firm: RTA Architects


  • Indoor/Outdoor Flex Classroom
  • Project Studio
  • Fab Lab Design Space
  • Collaborative Common Areas

Manufacturers: HON, ERG International, Tonik, Gressco, Smith System, National, Krug, MooreCo

School Background: Part of Boulder Valley Schools, Casey is one of the first schools in Colorado to achieve a LEED Platinum Certificate and thus strives for forward thinking, sustainability-focused curriculum.

The team at Casey Middle School decided to focus their Innovation Plan on collaborative spaces within their school, areas that could serve the most students and create a sense of community and collaboration. We outfitted three hallway spaces with flexible tables and chairs that could form into groups or be used for individual learning. We also bolstered these spaces with soft seating options, to serve as a presentation space or an area to study between classes. This innovative furniture package also improved several classroom spaces, creating flexible and functional rooms for a variety of extracurricular pedagogies. One of these rooms boasts an indoor/outdoor learning environment, with areas to prepare food, work in groups or perform some heads down studying. The other two classrooms were designed as project studios to go along with the impressive makerspace area Casey currently has. While one classroom showcases a variety of maker tables for hands on work, the other gives ample space for digital media and open collaboration.