Caplan & Earnest

Install date: March 2019

A&D Firm: Studio Architecture


  • Five conference and meeting rooms
  • Break room and cafeteria
  • Law library
  • 40 private offices and reception

Manufacturers: National, HON, ERG, Nevins

Company Background: Caplan & Earnest was founded in 1969 on the principles of respect for clients, well-researched legal solutions, a team approach to problem solving and fair pricing. Today, those principles are alive and well as the firm attracts clients that value common sense approaches to complex legal solutions, as well as attorneys dedicated to serving client needs with intelligent and skillful problem solving.

C&E was moving to a new location and wanted to update their furniture to retain and recruit talented lawyers and paralegals. Their goal was to have a cohesive look throughout the office, but also create a visual hiarchy. After polling the employees, we concluded the following:  sit-to-stand was very important as well as the ability to choose their storage based upon personal needs. They did not want to be “too modern”, but wanted their clients to be and feel comfortable in the space. We used National Office Waveworks and Tessera to meet this goal. Tessera’s sit-to-stand desk has clean lines and gives a built-in casework look. Waveworks offers an impressive line of storage, and gave employees many options to fullfil their needs. We furnished five conference rooms; one café/lounge; one library/war room; 32 law offices, 20 paralegals, and numerous other staff offices. By using a variety of fabrics and finishes, with different textures we were able to compliment the architects design, while creating a cohesive environment to meet the needs of the lawyers, staff, and their clients.