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Install Date: August 2020

A&D Firm: Stantec


  • Low profile paneled workstations and private offices with height adjustable tables
  • A variety of meeting rooms intended for collaboration and presentation
  • Breakrooms, Mother’s rooms, and open collaboration spaces
  • Reception lounge areas for multiple departments

Manufacturers: Haworth, HON, ERG International, Integra, National, Boss Designs and Norva Nivel

District Background: BVSD stands as a leader in academic excellence with outstanding classroom teachers, exemplary schools, and programs that support student achievement.

The Boulder Valley School District consistently ranks among the top three of Colorado’s large Front Range school districts – and often as the TOP district – as measured by state and national academic rankings.

The new Boulder Valley School Education Center was designed to bring multiple departments together, to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and connection. With this concept in mind, the furniture plan was designed to bring down the high cubicle walls of their older offices and integrate more small meeting rooms and open collaboration spaces. Each floor in the new building serves multiple departments with some cubicles and offices for each, all with height adjustable tables and ample storage. In between these offices and workstations, there are a myriad of small break out room for employees to use for private phone calls or Zoom meetings. At the ends of each of the floors, there are several meetings rooms, each intended for a different size and scope of meeting. There are also several break out zones intermixed within the floor plan, small lounge areas and booths, to promote collaboration and a sense of community.

A portion of the original Education Center was also excellently refurbished to promote similar ideals. Cubicle walls were dropped lower to promote collaboration and several lounge areas, small meeting room and breakout areas were added. Private offices were changed to reflect the layouts in the new building and every employee was given a sit to stand workstation. The original meeting rooms that serve the entire district were optimized with new training tables and chairs so that they can serve a variety of functions. A teacher learning space was also added to provide the district staff with a place to workshop some of the innovative furniture concepts that have been adopted by many of the schools in BVSD through their most recent bond initiative.