Skip to the Beat of Hon’s Newest Seating Solution!

Date: July 30, 2019 Category: Office Furniture Articles Comments: 0

Workplaces are adding less formal, more dynamic spaces to foster more creativity and connection between workers. Skip seating offers an engaging, active sit that can be used in learning spaces, collaborative areas, inside or outside, with optional chair pads for added comfort.

Top Features
- Give creatives and millennials the freedom to sit, fidget, rock, relax, and more
- An engaging active seat made of durable materials that’s easily specified and just as
easily put into place

Where It Works
- Skip works perfectly in both learning and commercial space collaborative areas
- Made of a durable and UV resistant material allows Skip to be used inside or outside

Product Details
- Made in the USA
- Built-in handle makes it easy to move and rearrange
- Textured finish is easy to clean, is UV resistant and easy to maintain for the long haul
- Optional cushions stay in place, but are not permanently affixed
- Cushions are available in Navy or Slate fabric and are easy to wipe clean
- Weight rating of 250 lbs.
- Backed by the HON 5-Year Limited Warranty


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