Kimball – Narrate

Date: December 5, 2017 Category: Office Furniture Articles Comments: 0

Kimball has always produced high quality, beautiful office furniture, so it comes as no surprise that Narrate, their newest system, is already receiving nominations for Best of Year awards. Narrate creates a streamlined framework that allows designers to incorporate sheltered acoustical rooms into desking systems.


Narrate's beautifully customizable panels allows for a dynamic expression of your brand. With its unique design, Narrate can have a conference space on one end, desking in the middle, and an acoustic privacy space on the end. This easily adaptable product even allows for sliding glass doors for additional privacy in meeting spaces.For a unique open-air design, add vertical or horizontal slats over your office space.

Narrate has an assortment of accessories to provide the ultimate space for storage. For a nice touch of home, add some picture frames and a nice earbud holder. From cup holders to phone holders, Narrate is here to support your busy work environment.

Kimball understands that every work environment is different. Whether you need additional privacy or you're looking for a more collaborative office, Narrate has the ability to do it all with a reduced footprint.

Learn more about this awesome system here!