Modern Office Environment

Employers today know that the best way to create a successful business is to attract the most talented employees. Because of this, modern offices are designed with the employee in mind. Spaces are designed with open concepts to promote collaboration and to allow natural light to permeate the entire office. Break out areas are provided to give employees the opportunity to relax and recharge. Traditional meeting rooms are designed with flexibility in mind, as the high demand for space encourages employers to utilize each enclosed room as a multipurpose space.


Employees are more likely to come to work and be productive if they are comfortable in their work environment. Employers can ensure employee comfort by providing ergonomic furniture solutions such as height adjustable desks, anti-fatigue mats and ergonomic task chairs.


Numerous studies have shown that businesses are more productive when their environments promote collaboration. By providing areas that encourage both planned and unplanned collaboration, companies create a sense of community involvement and produce better ideas.


Because many companies offer the ability to work remotely, businesses are starting to design their physical spaces as “destination” environments. They want to create a sense of pride in employees by providing areas for people to engage with each other in a more informal manner.

There are several factors to consider when choosing new furniture for your office that can impact the function of your new space. Although ergonomics, collaboration and  amenities are important for an engaging workplace, more practical concerns also must be addressed when designing your office.


The open office environment is not for everyone and some steps should be taken to determine the level of privacy required for the people and tasks within their office. The type of privacy is also important, whether or not acoustic and/or visual privacy are desired.


The majority of employees find a work environment more desirable if there is ready access to technology. Technology should be coordinated between the furniture and the architecture.


Because the modern office is designed for employees to work throughout the space, thought should be taken towards how long each space is intended to be used. Spaces that provides working area for an employee who sits at their computer for many hours on end are designed differently than impromptu collaborative spaces or touch-down work zones.


Keeping down the clutter within an office is extremely important for the mental health of the employees. Although much of today’s storage is digital, some departments still need physical storage space. It is best to keep in mind storage needs for each department when choosing new furniture to decrease clutter and keep organization.

Larger companies like Google have shown that the environment people work in directly correlates to their productivity and engagement. 

Furniture helps create these optimal workplace environments.


Product Spotlight

At BCinteriors, we love furniture that is ergonomic and aesthetically beautiful. Here are some of our current favorites! 

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Case Studies

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