The office must adapt but it should always be your epicenter…

In this blog and whitepaper, Haworth breaks down the ‘Work From Anywhere’ ecosystem and discussions how it needs to provide both organizations and employees with a choice in where and when work occurs. The office was already evolving prior to Covid-19, but it is now likely to be accelerated as we begin returning to work. JLL recently stated that before the pandemic, individual desks took up an average of 65% of most office floor plates. That number is now expected to fall to approximately 40%. How should we best use our space to balance culture & innovation, employee health & wellbeing, and flexibility? BC Interiors has already started having these conversations with our clients to redefine how their epicenter (aka the office) should now work for them, their staff, and their customers. Contact us for a free design consultation at

7 Ways to Use Space to Attract and Inspire Students

Haworth has published a great article to “Spark” creativity and discussion around how design can be used to help Higher Ed university campuses attract new students and inspire their future graduates. We love how educational ideas are trickling up from K-12 to support University students in their learning spaces and blending with new workplace thinking. Contact us at for a free consultation on how we can help you design inspiring spaces for your student communities.

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